Amazon Mattel n-bgg15 Apples to Apples Party Box
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Mattel n-bgg15 Apples to Apples Party Box

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Marca: Mattel


  • The Party Box comes complete with 504 green and red cards; the green cards have 2 clues per card, the red cards have 1 clue per card

Editor: Mattel Games

Detalles: Apples to Apples are the game of hilarious comparisons. It's as easy as comparing apples to apples just open the box, deal the cards, and you're ready to play. Select the card from your hand that you think is best described by a card played by the judge.

UPC: 746775321543

EAN: 723436301991

Dimensiones del paquete: 10.6 x 10.6 x 1.5 inches